Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lemon Cookie Re-do

I figured that since I put myself into a cookie induced coma last night that I should blog about it right? Right. I made my favorite CCC of course but I also had my mom requesting Lemon cookies too so I had to double both batches, you know, just for supply and demand reasons. I know that I've already blogged both recipes but I thought that since my Lemon cookie pictures weren't quite as pretty as I'd like them to be, I figured I would re-do them. I was dying to display something in my new white bowls from my mother-in-law and I think these were the perfect thing to do it with! Thanks again to her for the amazing new bowls she got me! It felt good to do some baking, although I have to admit that cooking in someone else's kitchen definitely throws me for a loop. Have no fear foodies, I made it through and thanks to dusting off my stand mixer and my Silpat liner, it was a success. Well, it was a diet fail, but a cooking success at least!

And stay tuned because if I'm able to convince the husband sometime soon that adding the ice cream mixer attachment to my mixer is an immediate must have.. I'll be posting some great summer recipes!

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