Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sorry my little blogger babies, but this lady has been busy, stressed, and kitchenless! The husband is currently deployed and I made the choice to stay with family for the duration of the deployment. As many of my stalk.. I mean followers =P have heard me mention, my mom isn't really a kitchen guru. Her kitchen isn't well stocked when it comes to utensils, pans, or food for that matter. I'm going to try and at least start doing one post a month. Maybe that will add another countdown to my deployment countdown list. That's right, I've broken it down into weeks, months, days, minutes.. err.. anyways. Figured for all of those wondering if my kitchen went up and flames and I went down in a burning blaze of cooking glory.. I did not. I'm still lurking around the blog world, whining, complaining, and pouting about this deployment. I'm trying to kick it's ass one week at a time but bare with me, there shall be food again!

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  1. hey, prayers and thoughts go out to you. we look forward to whatever you share in the meantime but, keep up the countdown and enjoy the minutes even as you keep hoping they fly by !! thanks for sharing with us all. -meg