Tuesday, February 8, 2011

M&M Pretzel Cookies

So the past two years my mom has used my husbands (now non-existant) sweet tooth as a semi-easy way out of Christmas ideas. Not that she doesn't get him other super sweet things, but it's easy enough to buy someone bags and bags of sugary goodness on the side, right? Well, I got to thinking about how I really need to start using all of my baking stuff I've got piled up in the kitchen that I don't really feel like hauling back to Nebraska in a month or so when I go back home for the big dreaded D. What should I do with it? Bake with it of course! So, I've got an M&M cookie recipe that I'm quite fond of but I didn't use it for this. Now that I think about it, I probably should have because my recipe spits out fluffy cookies. The recipe I used was a flatter cookie but the salty/sweet aspect of these was nice. Don't worry mom, I didn't go for the multiple cookies on this taste test. I told my husband that if I was going to bake up some delicious goodies he must save himself a few and take all the rest to work. I've got a weakness for homemade cookies like you wouldn't believe. Anyways, onto the sugary details! I found this recipe on the same site I got my new favorite CCC recipe from, I might use it again but alter it a bit. Sorry for the Christmas colors in advance!

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