Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gnocchi Crab Bake

I should of titled this Gnocchi Crab Disaster. This was THE most expensive meal I've ever made, aside from Christmas or Thanksgiving which aren't really meals rather than spreads, and feed small villages so it's okay that they cost hundreds of dollars. My dad was in town, and for those of you who don't know my dad, he's the size of a tea cup poodle. Although, his bite is certainly bigger than his bark, he goes for high carb meals and more sour cream on your potatoes in one sitting than you've used in your lifetime. My point is, he came to visit and I tried making a new recipe, we spent a lot of money, and it hardly got eaten. It wasn't that the taste was bad, it just wasn't right. It called for a few fancy pants types of cheeses, which if you've shopped in the nice cheese section you know you're spending like ten dollars per tiny slice of each type of cheese. Crab meat? Yeah. I threw away some money with the meal. With the cream and the cheese and the pasta, it was so heavy, and thick, and dense. Oh did I mention, we couldn't find premade Gnocchi anywhere in the small po' dunk town in Georgia we currently were living in? Homemade Gnocchi? Psh. We were busy, alright?! So, we substituted with pre-stuffed ravioli... maybe that's where we went wrong. However, there were so many wrong turns here, one right couldn't have saved us in the end. Rest easy Crab Bake, rest easy.

Maybe you'll have better luck, real deal here.

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