Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanksgiving, Almost A Year Late!

Well, heh, hello there. It's really me. Not my husband coming to tell all of my die-hard fans that I've died in some tragic cooking accident. Death by good food. Good way to go, though. Ah, it's been so long I've almost forgotten how to be funny. Not sure if death is a good way to open up a food blog post, but it's slightly chilly outside and I'm not eating, so today seems a little dark. So I've made some recent discoveries while I've been gone. First, I hate not working, periods of not working tend to include lots of cooking and surprised weight gain. Who actually cooks and then eats it? I know I'm a rare case here. So I'm not sure how Paula Dean's fancy pants photographer makes her turkey snap shots look so beautiful but I swear, in person, my turkey is Miss America. My turkeys are prepared the same way every year, I just happened to get lucky the first time I tried it at sixteen, because I really do make a damn good turkey. Before anyone thinks 'she stuffs her turkey, she must be trying secretly kill her family because that just traps in disease and the turkey doesn't fully cook and they're all going to die after eating that turkey', don't. Thus far, few people have fallen over after eating my turkey, and it wasn't tragic, it was magic.

So, I may have gotten a little too nursery rhyme there, but it's going to take me a few posts to get back on my feet. Not that I stand while posting, but you get the point. With blogging so popular now you're probably wondering what amazing pair of yoga pants we all wear to reverse the signs of blogger's butt. I haven't ever Googled that but (no pun intended), I'm sure the term has been used. One of my not friends anymore friend's (you know, from high school, the tragic days) mom used to yell at us to get off the computer before we got 'secretary's spread'. I can only imagine it'd be similar.

So, here it is. In all his glory. Tommy the turkey. No, I don't typically name my turkeys, however, it may become a new tradition.

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