Friday, January 7, 2011

Fettucini with Vodka Sauce

Well, this wasn't my husband's favorite meal. He's really picky about not liking tomatoes.. so typically pasta always has too much sauce on it for him. Well after serving up a ridiculous amount of this sauce over pasta to a bunch of drunkies on New Years Eve I should have realized that he wouldn't like the sauce without a few beers in him, huh? Well, I grabbed a jar yesterday while at the store. I told myself, 'What the heck? It's worth a short, right?'. Wrong. He claimed there was 'so much pasta'. Psh. I jazzed it up by slicing up a couple of sweet Italian sausages.. and even a slice of garlic toast! Nahhhh. If I could eat carbs, I would have devoured this dinner. I'm not a huge pasta lover to begin with, but this sauce smelled really great. Either way, I think most normal un-picky husband's would enjoy it so I decided to add it to the blog either way. Plus, somewhere about 60 posts ago, I promised to blog the good, the bad, and the ugly.

While we're having story time, let me also fill you in on what happened in our lovely little home this morning. I'm all snuggled up in our warm bed, an adorable pup softly snoring beside me in my husband's usual spot. She likes to keep me company in bed while he's at PT in the weee-early morning. Then, suddenly, my phone begins to ring. It's my husband, he's running late, can I pleaseee wake up and make him breakfast. Alright, sure, why not. While we originally agreed that I would make him bacon and a bagel with cream cheese this morning.. I was feeling a little lovey and decided to make him a breakfast burrito and the bagel. That's right, a warm crisped up tortilla, filled with freshly scrambled eggs, two thick sliced cuts of bacon, and lots of cheddar cheese. Mmm. (Well, Mmm, for all of you bacon and egg lovers). Anyways, I wrapped it up all nice and neat in foil, baggied up the toasted bagel and sit them on the counter next to a piping hot, freshly brewed cup of his favorite coffee... and I even set out a Monster for later because well, I'm perfect like that.

When he comes home for lunch I asked him if he ate his bagel this morning, he says yes, then I asked if he ate his burrito.. he tried saying yes at first but then come to find out he 'took a few bites and just pulled out the bacon because I didn't have a lot of time'. (I'm shaking my little fist at a picture of my husband as we speak people, asssss we speak!) Now, the logical thing, in my opinion, would have been to eat the burrito my wife spent time on cooking it especially for me, instead of eating the bagel she simply tossed into the toaster. The neighbors probably think our marriage is ending in a dirty divorce with how loud I got. I mean, I'm pretty good at doing this, I'm mad but I'm really joking thing, but sometimes I yell a little with it and while he had opened the door to leave I yelled 'No! You get out of my house right now!' What they missed was all the good stuff before he had opened the door. All the 'You're never getting breakfast made for you again's' the, 'See if I ever neatly wrap a burrito up in foil for you to take's' the, "I'm just going to start pre-cooking bacon for the week and you can just eat that every morning's.' Ahhh, yes, it was a good, good day of threats in this household.

Oh and yesterday? I put sugar and creamer in his coffee. Apparently in the week and half that we visited family in Nebraska he suddenly 'lost' his sweet tooth. So the coffee I had made for him and sent to go made it's way back home later and dowwwwwwn my little kitchen sink. *big overdramatic sigh* I guess I failed this week.

I guess after all of this rambling I could go ahead and get on with the original post. I know that a lot of you have missed my story times and gathering around the magic carpet for snack ti---- I mean... reading my semi, somewhat, sometimes entertaining posts. Well, here it is.

1 jar Vodka sauce
1 box fettucini pasta
3 sweet Italian sausage links
parsley (for garnish)

Boil sausages until fully cooked in small saucepan while noodles are being prepared in large saucepan according to package directions. Fettucini takes awhile to cook so my sausages finished sooner than my pasta. I sliced them and put them back into the saucepan without any water. This allowed them to crisp up just a bit. Add jar of sauce to sausages and bring to a simmer. Once noodles are finishing boiling, drain, and toss with olive oil. Place desired amount of sauce over noodles and garnish with a sprinkle of parsley. I served mine with garlic toast, and good thing I did or I'm sure my husband would have gone to bed hungry!


  1. You made carbs for him knowing you can't have carbs? No, you are not a fail. You're awesome. :) Wanna make a breakfast burrito for me? :p

  2. Ambur, I'd make you a breakfast burrito any day! <3

  3. can you blog about said breakfast burrito?