Sunday, March 25, 2012

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

So, I forgot about my one and only baking activity since I've been back to Georgia thus far. The first couple of nights my husband was home he was a bit sick and going to bed pretty early so one night I decided I'd use up the too-ripe-to-eat-not-too-ripe-to-bake-with bananas I had sitting in the freezer. I browsed around Food Gawker for a recipe to follow for some banana muffins but I decided that banana wasn't enough, oh no, not enough my blog-babies. We needed some chocolate. So I went on the hunt for some banana-y chocolate-y goodness. I followed this link . The only thing I changed was using mini chocolate chips instead of the normal ones and wha-la. Okay so my pictures didn't turn out quite as cute as the other persons, but in my defense, I finished baking these around 10:30 at night and by the time I started my photo op I was a bit tired so, sorry for the not-so-adorable photo.

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