Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turkey Wrap

As you can see, I've got a new thing for wraps. Looking back at my first wrap photo I was a little disappointed in my 'wrapping' skills. They have become much more pretty as I've been practicing my wrap techniques. Lil' Wayne ain't got nothing on me. Get it. Yeah, that just happened.

I honestly didn't have enough left over grilled chicken to fill two wraps so I ended up making one chicken wrap (minus the baccccon) (I just used a cliche French accent while saying bacon in my head...*ahem*) and then I assumed my husband was pretty much as hungry as a baby dinosaur and figured I should come up with something to feed him as well. Well, I ended up using all the same ingredients but I added cracked black pepper turkey and I tried out a new flavor of wrap, which is at the moment absent from my head, but it was onion and herb or something like that and swapped out the swiss cheese for pepperjack because hey, everyone needs a little spice in their life, anyways, wha-la. I even thought it was better than the chicken wrap, however, those were pretty tasty, not to mention they had bacccccon in them. That my was second attempt at the French accent, I'm glad that it sounds so good in my head because for whatever reason I feel like saying it aloud might get me some strange looks from my husband who is totally and utterly obsessed with this new nerdtron of a game. However, I suppose I can't be too upset that he's playing it since I was the one that text messaged him while I was running errands and asked if he'd like me to pick it up for him while I was out. (insert palm to forehead here)

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