Friday, July 30, 2010

Biscuits & Gravy, baby!

I never ate breakfast until I moved in with my husband. I mean, there was the occasional pop tart, bowl of cereal, or maybe even a few 'I drank so much last night it'd be in the best interest of my life to eat something' mornings. My brother on the other hand LOVES breakfast! Biscuits and gravy was one of the more common things he made in the year and 1/2 I lived with him. Biscuits and gravy, hold the sausage. Whhhhatttt!? Hold the meat?! I'm a meat lover, and well, so is the rest of my family. In the semi-short stay with my brother, he taught me a few things. One of those things being, you don't always have to eat meat with every meal. I stomped my feet and pouted my lips a few times, but I got used to it. I never take the time to make sausage with biscuits and gravy now. Time sort of limits my breakfast abilities since my husband gets a short window between PT and morning formation. (He's in the military if that helps)

I don't make homemade gravy and I don't hand drop my own biscuits, sorry. I should add, I'm not trying to claim rights to these recipes, and heck I'm not even sure if some of the people I get them from are the original creators. I just want to blog about what I cook, homemade, box made, and any other made-forms there are in the food industry. I mean, I'm not trying to open up a breakfast cafe here people, just trying to feed my hungry piranha, I mean... my hungry husband.

When my husband and I first started seeing each other, he'd join my brother, his significant other, and myself for meals here and there. When my brother does cook with meat, it's pork. Pork, pork, pork, pork, pork! I don't want to tell you how many times I missspelled pork while typing it five times! My husband however, grew up not eating pork. Boy, were his arteries in for the shock of their life when he met me! I added this little bit of information because you'll notice in later recipes I use a lot of beef now as opposed to pork. Have no fear, the pigs are never fully exiting this house!

I use a package of Old Fashion black pepper gravy. It requires you to mix the contents of the packet with 3/4 c. of water. On the stove bring one cup of water to boil and then add gravy mix to boiling water. Whisk until thick, remove from heat.

I used packaged biscuits. I remember my brothers girlfriend shaking her head in disbelief when we would hand the packaged biscuits down the line. Why you ask? They pop, out of no where and loud too! Who wants to be scared to death while trying to make some flaky butter biscuits?! I sure don't. I've had to get over my fear in the past few months because I typically start cooking breakfast while my husband is showering and getting ready for work. Well here it is, my simple morning breakfast, dry gravy mix and packaged biscuits, biscuits and gravy!

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