Monday, September 13, 2010

Kielbasa & Potatoes

As I attempt to fight off my husbands 20+ lb. cat from my keyboard, I have to wonder what goes through his head. I mean, this cat wants nothing, literally nothing to do with my husband and I unless we are sitting on the couch on our computers. Maybe it's because typically when we sit down with our computers it means that we will stay stationary for awhile, or for payback for our sometimes forced love sessions with him. His extra neck is currently covering my shift, delete, and return key so bare with me while I fight to get my way through fur and... kitty.

My friend back home gave me the idea to cook this. It isn't that I haven't made it before but it's not something that pops into my head on a regular basis. When our kitchen is sometimes bare, you can typically guarantee that you can still find potatoes, onions, and kielbasa. It's a fairly quick meal and hey, who doesn't like meat and potatoes? Well, I suppose if you're one of those vegetarians you might not. I'm only being snarky. I really have nothing against vegetarians. Heck, I wish I could do it. I know it's possible. My brother has gone on and off of the vegetarian diet. I think I lasted a few weeks when he put me to the test. Christmas was just around the corner, probably just the right time to go on the no-meat diet right? Wrong. It's a family tradition to eat prime rib for Christmas, and well, when you come from a family of meat eating dinosaurs, you just can't pass up prime rib. Not to mention, I felt like I was eating an abundance of pasta and more cheese than one should consume in a mere few weeks.

Now, my dad isn't a fan of kielbasa and manages somehow to remind me every time he hears I've cooked with it. I think it's easy, fairly cheap, and can be used in surprisingly a number of ways. Now, with Thor on my keyboard and Dixie running about the house with a squeaker toy upon her mouth, I will let you in on the way of kielbasa & potatoes.

1/2 kielbasa (sliced)
2 potatoes (sliced)
1 onion (sliced)
3 tbl. olive oil

After slicing all of your ingredients, heat oil in pan for a few minutes over medium heat. Place potatoes in skillet for a minutes on their own. After your potatoes start to get slightly tender, add your onions and kielbasa. Continue cooking over medium heat until potatoes are cooked through. Delicious!

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