Friday, September 10, 2010

Pizza Burgers

Well, as most of my blogger babies know, I was back in Omaha for Labor Day weekend. My husband and I were able to surprise his side of the family which was really great, exhausted and all! We were lucky enough to catch my father-in-law up watching tv and knock on the front door close to midnight. He has this sneaking suspicion to call my husband every time he's at the airport in attempts to sneak home for a surprise visit. I'm not quite sure why all of the visits are a surprise, but hey, it's sort of fun that way. I've got to give a shout out to my mother in law & all of her co-workers. Apparently I'm something of a celebrity around there. Alright, I'm a little full of myself today. I wish we would have gotten her face on camera when she noticed my husband in the car. I believe she 'raised the roof' the entire sprint through the parking lot. Good dancers must run in the family. Well, I can only imagine, I've actually never seen my husband dance. Can you believe that? Which obviously goes to show you that I have never even danced with him either. A few others? Bowling, the mall, long walks on the beach, and candle lit dinners just to name a few.

My mom & stepdad threw a nice cook out for our friends to stop by. I'd say everyone had a pretty good time, my husband might disagree but that would probably have something to do with a few beers and a heavy dose of aspirin that followed the next day. It was more than lovely being able to wake up and chat with my mom, while having my almost seven year old sister tug on my arm to play Barbies. Nice, nonetheless. My dad and his witty humor filled our tummies with amazing sushi, which I have missed dearly. My best friend? No worries, we worked in some laughs and adventures. My husband's grandparents are definitely a few people I more than enjoy visiting with. His grandma gave me an amazing looking recipe for Chicken Enchiladas which I will have to feature on here soon and his grandpa once again tried and failed to convince me to watch Nascar.

In four days we managed to fit every single food goal that my husband wanted. This list was well thought out my friends. We originally tried planning on eating at least 4-main meals a day to fit it all in, and wouldn't you know that by the first meal of our first day there, we were two meals behind. Somehow, he was still successful. It was nice to be able to take a cooking break, but boy does eating out break the bank. It reminded me just how much cooking at home saves you. Now, I must say that I threw together a Chili Cheese Dip for the cook out which went over quite well in my opinion. It's really easy and very delicious. I'll have to add it next time I whip it together. Not that any of this has anything to do with the Pizza Burgers I'm about to display, I just figured that you've all been dying in anticipation for information on where I've been and what I've been eating... I mean, doing.

Aside from the casseroles I gave my mom credit for, this again, is credited to my dear 'ol mom. Now, she managed to tell every single person this past weekend about the post where I said something about how she couldn't cook. Well mom, you can't! I still very much appreciate your loud smile and pretty voice. Or is that pretty smile and loud voice. Anyways, this one is for you mom. Love you!

1 lb. ground beef
8 slices of bread
2 c. shredded mozzarella (I used 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 cheddar)
1 jar pizza sauce

Brown ground beef and season to taste. I used oregano, parsley, garlic salt, and black pepper. Using a sandwich maker, place buttered bread down and top with sauce, beef, and cheese. Add top slice of bread and close the sandwich maker until the amazing little green light turns on! Easiest meal ever and hey, my husband likes 'em.

With all that said, feel free to change your beef to ground sausage, pepperoni, bacon, etc. There really is no way you can mess these up. Don't have a sandwich maker? Use hamburger buns and place on baking sheet. Top the same way, but do not place the top of the bun over the cheese. Simply use it for your next pizza burger. Bake at 350F for about 8 minutes or until cheese is melted and bun is nice and toasted!

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