Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

I guess I should put out an apology for the lack of blog updates. For my number one fan out there, the best friend back home, have no fear, dinner ideas are here. Well, this may not be a dinner idea per say, but hey, breakfast for dinner is always a good idea, isn't it you that calls it Brinner?

Anyways, I believe this was breakfast Sunday morning, or Saturday, ah, my days are all mixed up. I know that one morning this past weekend I made friend potatoes and onions, scrambled eggs, and bacon for my dear ol' husband. Remember I can't do eggs and I'd prefer to not make bacon a side of choice either, so it's normal around here for us to eat different things. You normally see what he gets because it's normally more appealing, or hearty, I guess that might be a better choice for it.

Now, for all of you that grocery shop with husbands, male children, significant others, gorillas, monsters, and whatever else you classify them as, back at home starving and waiting upon your arrival back home with arms full of grocery sacks... remember that you've made the best decision right there. I have learned in my mere 5 1/2 months of marriage to never, ever, under any circumstances let your husband go grocery shopping with you. You end up with a bill twice the average amount and a cart full of sugary snacks that last only a day or two. Now, with that said, I will give my husband props for somewhere down the line, before I learned not to leave my hungry husband at home when I ventured to the grocery store, he threw in a package of bagels. I remember them sitting on the counter for two days un-opened before I threw them into the freezer. I finally brought that package back out into the real world, let them thaw out, and served breakfast upon them. The bagel breakfast sandwich. Filling, bad for you, and scrumptious!

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