Friday, August 13, 2010

Onion Petals & Fried Garlic

This is by far the longest blog break I've taken thus far, but I feel as though the last couple of days have been a bit busier than usual. Whenever it seems as though I've got an abundance of onions, what better to do with them aside from making onion petals? Well, there is one thing that is better than onions, and that my friends, is garlic. I hear people say that garlic just isn't their thing, and I have to wonder if they've recently been released from the crazy house. I know, I know, to each their own. But garlic? Really? There are a few down falls to garlic. One, peeling garlic makes your hands really sticky, and they smell of garlic for days. Two, it makes your breath smell... awful. I believe tooth brushes were invented because of garlic, and well, we all know that garlic was invented in the prevention of vampires. So there we have it, fried onions and garlic. Also known as a heart attack on a plate. Delicious.

I use an onion petal breading that I find at Wal-Mart, however, I know there are some simple mixtures you can come up with consisting mainly of flour and spices. That's the route I would have taken if I would not have randomly come across this box of mix. All you do is add water. Anyways, I added a 1/2 cup of Panko for some extra texture and crunch for this last batch, but honestly, I couldn't tell the difference.

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