Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breakfast Island

Breakfast... what? Well, with it being Sunday morning and all, I figured why not start it off with a big huge mess? My husband was already gaming when I woke up, which now includes Skyping while gaming. I just cook away, pretending as though it's my very own cooking show. I can dream right?

I figured since I'd never tried to make homemade hash browns that I'd give it a whirl. There's this hole in the wall cafe, across the bridge from Omaha in Council Bluffs that has amazing breakfast. I'm not a huge fan of breakfast, but hey, I'd always get out of bed early to join my brother there. One morning we were being seated, my brother his girlfriend and I. As we were walking past the already filled booths, we all stopped to notice some familiar faces in one of them. There was my aunt, uncle, and my dad. What are the odds? Pretty good at this place.

My main point about that place is that they have the most amazing hash browns ever.

Before this place came along, there was another little breakfast cafe in Benson that the family used to eat at frequently. My dad and brother often ordered the Breakfast Island. It was a huge plate of basically everything breakfast. A layered meal of hash browns, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and sausage gravy. I figured if I was going to risk my fingers shredding potatoes, I might as well go the whole nine yards. I mean, what's to loose? Besides my fingers of course.

A few nights ago, I used Panko for the first time. We had pork tenderloin sandwiches, kind of. I mean, it was pretty close. I just breaded pork chops in the Panko, ah, it was a different type of breading, but it was great. Definitely something I want to try again. As soon as we finished eating I remembered I had forgotten to take a picture of my new creation! I have failed my blog. I was a blog-aster. Get it? Like disaster? Well, I'm off to take the pup outside so, I'll blog ya later!

Too much?

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