Friday, August 13, 2010

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The other night I posted about really wanting to make kabobs, but I didn't have the skewers. Well, wouldn't you know I picked some up the next day and still have yet to make those awesome little meat and veggie filled sticks for dinner? Hmm, maybe this weekend? Sometimes I find myself really starting to feel as though all I cook is meat and potatoes. Kabobs don't really help that feeling, although it is a nice way to incorporate some vegetables into the meal, it's still all the same in the end right? I grew up in a house where vegetables were never a must. Now, that came to bite me right in the tail end on day when I was forced to sit at my grandma's dining room table for 30 minutes before finally my dad intervened and told me I could get up. He always did have a soft spot for me. Now before you all go feeling sorry for my brother, remember that my mother always had that same soft spot for him. Is that just how children and parents work? Daddy's little girl and mamma's little boy? It might have something to do with the fact he was first born.. I haven't ever quite figured that one out yet.

Regardless, I'm glad that I've opened my heart up to at least a few vegetables with age. Now, my husband who has a broader sense for these earthly creations has no problem with munching on an apple, while the mere thought of an apple's texture makes me shudder. He snubs his nose at a grilled chicken sandwich with a tomato pesto spread. I guess it took me time to broaden my food choices, so hopefully he'll eventually grow out of the dinosaur chicken nuggets and smilie fries phase soon. Kool-aid to drink, please!

That was supposed to be funny, sort of. Don't pretend you didn't like those chicken nuggets. You always made the meat eater dinos pick on the plant eaters before biting off one of their heads while simultaneously making dinosaur noises.

And who couldn't be happy while munching on a bunch of smiles?! I'm smiling while thinking about them right now, though, smiling is my favorite after all.

Although this post really had nothing to do with the chicken sandwich, I'll go ahead and tell ya what I did.

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (butterflied)
2 sesame seed buns
2 slices of Swiss cheese (or cheese of choice)
Zesty Italian dressing
Sun-dried tomato pesto (optional)

After butterflying the chicken breasts, I marinated them in Zesty Italian dressing for about 30 minutes. Cook them on grill until cooked through, marinating left over dressing up until the last 5 minutes. Remove and place chicken on bun with slice of Swiss cheese. I used the tomato pesto as a spread on the top bun and found it to work quite nicely. My husband thought the pesto was weird.

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